Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the Course
    • Welcome
    • About Jo Mondy
  • 2
    Teaching Theory and Building Your Confidence
    • How to find your own personal teaching style
    • What makes a good teacher?
    • How do people learn?
    • 3 top tips to build your confidence
  • 3
    How to Break Down and Teach Hoop Tricks
    • How to break down and teach ANY hoop trick
    • How to demo a hoop trick to your class
  • 4
    Teaching Tips and Troubleshooting
    • Clockwise vs anticlockwise hoopers
    • Left/right confusion and using other reference points in the room
    • Counting your students in
    • Setting expectations and building confidence
  • 5
    Teaching the Foundations of Hooping
    • Teaching the foundations of hula hooping
    • Download - LiveLoveHoop 6 Week Beginner Course Plan
    • Introducing yourself to the class
    • Warm up
    • Getting the hoop started
    • Waist hooping and troubleshooting
    • Waist hooping variations
    • Hand hooping
    • Weave and jump through
    • Lasso
    • Waist to lasso transition
    • Lasso to waist transition
    • Isolations - 2 and 1 handed
    • Neck hooping
    • Behind the back pass
    • Throws (rainbow and 1 handed)
    • Float
    • Helicopter
    • Vortex
  • 6
    Creating Choreographies and Using Flow Cards
    • Why should you create sequences for your students? Plus an example of beginner choreography
    • Using flow cards with your students
  • 7
    Teaching Children
    • How to introduce yourself and set (fun) boundaries
    • How to teach different age groups
    • How to deal with disruption
    • 27 Kids Hoop Games
  • 8
    Hoop Fitness
    • What is hoop fitness and how is it different from hoop dance?
    • Hoop fitness moves to include in your classes
  • 9
    Teaching people with special needs
    • Teaching adults and children with different abilities
  • 10
    Inclusivity, anti racism and diversity in your classes
    • How to be anti-racist and inclusive in your hoop business (and in life!)
  • 11
    Building your hoop business and creating YOUR vision
    • Introduction to business planning
    • Business Planning Workbook - Download and either print or fill in electronically.
    • What is your vision?
    • What is your purpose?
    • Who is your ideal customer?
    • Who is your competition? And can competition be a good thing?
    • What is your unique selling proposition aka USP (hint, it’s you!)
    • Creating your mission statement
    • Discovering your business name
  • 12
    Covering yourself - legalities, tax and admin
    • Keeping records, tax, insurance, risk assessments and safety, music licence and working with children checks.
  • 13
    Creating your action plan with SMART goals
    • Setting SMART goals to achieve your vision
  • 14
    All the practical info you need to get started
    • Venue size
    • Should you set up solo or work for someone else?
    • Brainstorm - Where else can you teach hula hooping?
    • What should you charge for your work?
    • Should you work for free or “exposure”?
    • How will you collect payments?
    • Pros and cons of drop-in classes vs block bookings/courses
    • Making and selling hoops
    • Music players and microphones
  • 15
    Marketing and promotion - making your classes a success
    • 3 important things you need before you start promoting yourself
    • 5 ways to reach your ideal customer
    • How to build an online presence
  • 16
    Teaching hula hooping online
    • What are the benefits of teaching online and how do you do it?
  • 17
    The future of your hoop business
    • What if no one shows up? What if everyone show up?
    • 5 ways to keep your students coming back to your classes
    • How to develop your support network
  • 18
    Your Feedback
    • Complete this short feedback form and you’ve finished the course!
  • 19
    • Congratulations!