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Try our hula hooping HIIT course to get sweaty AND smiley. You'll get 10 days of 10 min hoop workouts that are short but very high intensity. Perfect for any level including complete beginners. All for just £19.95
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10 days. 10 high-intensity hoop exercises. 1 minute each.

  • Build fitness & strength FAST

    High intensity interval training (HIIT) builds muscle, increases heart health, boosts your metabolism & lifts your mood

  • Easy to follow lessons

    Each exercise is explained with clear & encouraging voice over. Plus you get tutorials on waist hooping AND a printable accountability tracker

  • Friendly community

    Need help? Join our supportive online group so you can share your wins and ask for help if needed.

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I LOVE these workouts!


I absolutely LOVE these workouts! They are so fun but you definitely feel the work you're putting in. Thank you so much for putting this together.

Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for these workouts. After 9 years of hooping, I've actually forgotten how good exercise it can be!

There's nothing I would change!


I really enjoyed the 10x10 Hoop Workouts. There is nothing I would change! 10 minutes doesn't sound long but I definitely feel like I'm getting a decent workout when I do it. Plus I'm seeing real progress in my hooping.

Introducing your teacher

  • Jo Mondy

    Hula Hoop Teacher

    Jo Mondy

    Jo Mondy is an internationally renowned hoop instructor who has been teaching adults and children professionally since 2008. Based in Brighton, UK, Jo has taught thousands of students all around the world through live classes, specialist workshops and online tutorials. She has also certified over 300 teachers in her popular hoop teacher training program.