Why try hula hooping?

Hula hooping is fantastic for building...

  • Fitness & strength

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Motor skills

  • Learning through play

Fun for all the family

This course is suitable for primary school aged children (4-11) but kids as young as 3 can give it a go! Grown ups are encouraged to join in too. On this course you'll get...

  • A warm up

  • 10 funky tricks

  • 1 short choreography

  • 5 fun games

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Get your little hoop stars spinning

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The course is FREE! But donations are gratefully accepted

I'd like this to be accessible to everyone, especially those struggling with financial uncertainty right now.

Like so many self-employed people, especially in the entertainment and fitness industries, my work has dried up! So if your kids love the course and you have a stable income and some funds to spare, I would love a donation to my Paypal. The regular course price is £19.95 but I'd be happy with whatever you feel its worth or whatever you can afford right now. Can't afford to? Just enjoy the course and share with anyone else who might love it too.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome from Jo

    • Warm up

  • 2

    Hoop Tricks

    • 1. Waist hooping & variations

    • 2. Neck hooping

    • 3. Arm hooping

    • 4. Hoop twist & escalator

    • 5. Balancing

    • 6. Rolling

    • 7. Drive the bus

    • 8. Skipping & variations

    • 9. Sparkle

    • 10. Lasso & variations

  • 3


    • Learn the routine

  • 4

    Hoop games

    • 1. Hoop animals

    • 2. Hoop gladiators

    • 3. Obstacle course

    • 4. How long can you hoop?

    • 5. The greatest hooper!

  • 5

    You did it!

    • Congrats and thank you!

    • Loved the course? Try some more advanced moves!

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  • What do I need to start the course?

    You'll need a hula hoop for your child and an adult-sized one for yourself if you're joining in the fun! You'll also need some space to spin (indoors is fine, but move any breakables)

  • What age is this course suitable for?

    This course is perfect for primary school aged children (4-12) but kids as young as 3 can give it a go!

  • Where can I buy a hoop?

    You'll get links to recommended hoop sellers once you sign up for the course.

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