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Always wanted to learn to hula hoop? This is the perfect way to start.

  • Build fitness & strength

    Get your heart rate up and tone your tummy, arms and butt with this low impact and mindful way to exercise.

  • Clear & easy to follow lessons

    Each trick is clearly explained for beginners. Slow-mo, close-ups, and different camera angles make it easy to learn.

  • Friendly community

    Join our supportive online group so you can share your wins and ask for help if needed.

The easiest way to start hooping

Join our beginner course and start hooping in the comfort of your own home (or garden!) You'll get:

  • Unlimited access to over 70 downloadable classes

  • 5 flow sessions where you learn to put your moves together

  • Printable flow cards so you can create endless new sequences

  • Access to our private Facebook group for support and encouragement

  • Advice on what hoop to buy and where to get it from

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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Lesson 1

  • 3

    Lesson 2

    • Hand hooping

    • Changing directions

    • Changing hands

    • Weave

    • Weave jump (or step) through

    • Weave to hooping hero

    • Floor twirl

    • Behind the back pass

    • Knee breaks

    • Can can

    • Lesson 2 - Finding your flow

    • Lesson 2 - Congrats

    • Lesson 2 - Check-in

  • 4

    Lesson 3

    • Float

    • Front leg pass

    • Back leg pass

    • Lasso - hand under

    • Lasso - hand on top

    • Lasso - change hands

    • Low lasso

    • Stir the pot

    • Revolving door - from float

    • Revolving door - from lasso

    • Helicopter

    • Helicopter break

    • Lesson 3 - Finding your flow

    • Lesson 3 - Congrats

    • Lesson 3 - Check-in

  • 5

    Lesson 4

    • Lasso to waist

    • Waist to lasso (front lift)

    • Rainbow throw

    • One handed throw

    • Under arm break

    • Under arm throw

    • Simple Escalator

    • Continuous escalator

    • Reverse escalator

    • Classic Escalator

    • Lesson 4 - Finding your flow

    • Lesson 4 - Congrats

    • Lesson 4 - Check-in

  • 6

    Lesson 5

    • 2 handed isolation

    • 1 handed isolation

    • Iso Flips

    • Iso Pushes

    • Barrel roll

    • Vortex

    • Arm hooping

    • Elbow hooping

    • Elbow pass at front

    • Elbow pass at back

    • Lesson 5 - Finding your flow

    • Lesson 5 - Congrats

    • Lesson 5 - Check-in

  • 7

    Lesson 6

    • Transitions between planes

    • Flow cards - download and print

    • How to use your flow cards

    • Lesson 6 - Check-in

  • 8

    Congrats and next steps...

    • Congratulations and next hoop course info

    • Feedback survey

Everything was so clear

Rebeca Solano

Thank you SO MUCH for this course, I loved it! Everything was so clear, and it really does get you excited to learn more and keep going. I will start sharing it with everyone here in Costa Rica.

Truly accessible lessons

Emma Pryke

What a fantastic introduction to hooping! I loved the fact that I could go through each video at my own pace - pausing and practising as I went. It’s the next best thing to having Jo in the room with you - and it’s amazing how quickly I managed to pick up some sassy moves.

Introducing your teacher

Jo Mondy

Jo Mondy is an internationally renowned hula hooper who has taught thousands of people to hoop all around the world. She first picked up a hoop in 2007 and quickly got addicted to the joy of learning tricks. Jo knew she wanted to share this joy of hooping with the world and so later that year trained as a hoop teacher. Since moving to the UK, Jo has built a strong and vibrant hooping community in Brighton. Jo has toured the world teaching at many major hoop events and in 2019 set up her online hooping classes and her lessons have been downloaded 3000+ times and featured on the front page of the Guardian and the BBC. Her popular YouTube tutorials have 200k views. Jo's teacher training program started in 2011 and has since certified over 300 hoopers, with many going on to launch successful and profitable hoop businesses as a result.

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  • Do I need a hoop before starting this course?

    Yes, you will need to get an adult sized hoop before the course starts.

  • What size hoop should I get?

    You need the right sized hoop for you to make sure your entry into hulahooping is a smooth as possible. Sign up to the course and you will get immediate access to a video where Jo explains in detail what hoop you should get. But in a nutshell.... Measure from the floor to two inches higher than your belly button – this will give you the approximate diameter of your hoop. If your waist is slightly smaller than average, take off an inch or two. Likewise, if your waist is slightly larger than average, add an inch or two. Most people start with a beginner hoop that is between 36 and 44 inch diameter, with an average of 40 inches. In terms of thickness, get a hoop that is either 20mm or 25mm. The 25mm will be slightly heavier and give you more of a work out. The 20mm will be more maneuverable and easier for tricks.

  • Where can I buy a hoop?

    You should be able to find a hoop seller in your local area by googling 'adult hulahoop' or 'dance hoop'. In the UK we can personally recommend HoopSpin, FireToys, Oddballs and Jennie Brennen Hoops. There will be more info and links once you sign up for the course.

  • I have an exercise/weighted hoop - is that ok?

    We do not recommend weighted hulahoops, they can cause extreme bruising on the waist and will be impossible to do any off-body tricks with. However, if you have already got one and do not have the funds to buy another hoop right now, we recommend using your fitness hoop for the on-body tricks, and getting a cheap kid's hoop for the hand tricks. Once you fall in love with hooping, you can then invest in one that's right for both the waist and the hands.

  • What space do I need to hulahoop in?

    Ideally a space approx 3 m² is enough to start learning to hoop in. If you’re indoors, make sure to move any valuable or delicate items out of the way! Obviously the bigger the space, the better, and if you can get outside, go for it.

  • Will I lose weight hulahooping?

    Hooping is a fantastic way to move your body, build your strength and up your heart rate - there have been scientific studies that show it can burn up to 200 cal in 30 minutes. A lot of people have had success losing weight with hooping if combined with a healthy and balanced diet.

  • I have a medical condition, can I hulahoop ?

    I really hope so! Please go and see your doctor to discuss whether hooping will be okay for your condition.

  • I’m pregnant/just had a baby, when can I start hulahooping?

    I know you’re excited but please wait until at least 6-12 weeks (and possibly longer) after you have had your baby before starting hulahooping. I would also recommend getting checked by a physio (preferably a specialist in postnatal /women’s health) to make sure you haven’t got any complications (such as diastasis recti) that could be aggravated by hooping.