Do you want to..

  • Get a rush of hoop joy as you learn brand new fancy tricks ?

  • Learn how to move gracefully and smoothly with your hoop so you feel a sense of flow and ease in your freestyle hooping?

  • Enjoy learning new hoop dance choreographies and get an understanding of how you might create your own routines in future?

  • Get personalised help from a hoop expert, Jo Mondy, in a supportive and structured environment?

  • Dive deeper into your hoop practice by committing to a regular weekly session aka GET SOME YOU TIME?

Hi, I'm Jo Mondy - professional hula hooper and spreader of joy!

In 2007, I discovered hula hooping and life changed 

About 15 years ago (a lifetime in hoop years!), my best friend started going to a hula hoop class and I plucked up the courage to go with her. Even though I struggled to waist hoop (for weeks!), I quickly became addicted to learning hoop tricks.

But as someone who had NEVER done any dance classes or anything very physical in her life,  it took me a long time to nail tricks. I also felt really awkward when I tried to link together my hoop tricks in a smooth way. 

Finding the JOY in hooping was key 

Even though I was struggling, there was just something magical about the hoop! And as I became more passionate about hooping, the more I realised I needed to overcome my mental blocks, learn to accept myself and my learning journey and really enjoy moving with my hoop. Plus I wanted to share my joy with others!

And so I trained to be a hoop teacher and through many years of research, tuition and plenty of self reflection time, I learned how to break down and teach tricks in a way that made sense to me and my students 

I also developed a range of hoop flow exercises and techniques which help them (and me!) connect my tricks together and move my body in a way that feels and looks good.

I wish someone had given me a shortcut years ago!

It took me a long time to learn tricks and develop a sense of flow! And while watching online tutorials definitely helped me learn new tricks, there was nothing like the eyes of a professional hoop teacher to push me forward and inspire me. 

So I've created this online 6 week course, to share my 15+ years of hoop experience and my 14+ years of teaching with YOU, wherever you are in the world. 

Learn from a hoop expert!

Power up your hooping in just 6 weeks

Give me the details!

When? Anytime you want! This course has been recorded so you can access it any time  

How does it work?

Each week we will focus on either hoop tricks, hoop flow or hoop choreography, on a rotating basis.

⭕ Weeks 1 and 3 will be trick-based sessions (with variations of all levels) so you’ll learn all sorts of funky moves.

💃 Weeks 2 and 4 will be flow sessions with creative exercises to inspire you to dance and move in your own style

👯‍♀️ Weeks 3 and 6 will be mini-choreographies where Jo will take you through fun hoop dance moves set to music. These will help develop your transitions, improve your hoop dance and (most importantly) have fun!

Tech info

💻 All the classes are in your portal which you gain access to immediately  

👯‍♀️ You can post videos at any time in our FB group or via email to get 1-1 support from Jo and other hoopers

💪 You have lifetime access via the LiveLoveHoop portal - so all the classes are keep together in one place for you to revisit any time. 

What level is this for?

Everyone is welcome in this course, whether you've just started hooping or you've been hooping for years. 

If you're a complete beginner who has never picked up a hoop before, I would suggest trying my beginners course first, then come back to this one.

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What do my students say about my classes?


  • Is this a live course?

    No everything is recorded so you can watch the playbacks anytime. The course was recorded live so you can see real-life students attempting the tricks and flow.

  • How can I get help with the tricks/ask questions?

    You will get access to Jo's 1-1 feedback if you video yourself either send to Jo or via our facebook community. All the recordings are saved in your portal in an easy to access location and you can watch them anytime.

  • What do I need for the course?

    A hoop that you're comfortable with both on and off the body or a few hoops! A space to hoop in (the bigger the better, but you can definitely do this inside in a small space if you need to). A good internet connection and device to watch on.

  • Am I good enough for this course?

    This course is multi-level so you are welcome to join as long as you feel comfortable with the basics of hooping. If you've just started or you've never hooped before, please check out Jo's beginner course instead.

Meet your teacher - Jo Mondy

Jo Mondy is an internationally renowned hula hooper who has taught thousands of people to hoop all around the world. 

She first picked up a hoop in 2007 - at a class on Bondi beach in Sydney - and quickly got addicted to the joy of learning tricks. 

She found herself getting stronger and more toned, plus, as someone who had always struggled with body image, hulahooping became a beautiful way for Jo to connect with herself and enjoy movement in a non-judgemental way. 

When she moved to to the UK in 2010, she built a strong and vibrant hooping community in Brighton and then went on to tour the world teaching at many major hoop events such as Hoop Camp (USA), GHC (Germany), SWhoop (UK), RendezVoup (France). She also started her own successful hoop event, Brighton Flow Fest which ran bianually for 9 years.

In 2019 Jo set up her online hooping classes and her lessons have been downloaded 3000+ times and featured on the front page of the Guardian and the BBC. Her popular YouTube tutorials have 200k views. 

Jo's teacher training program started in 2011 and has since certified over 400 hoopers, with many going on to launch successful and profitable hoop businesses as a result. 

Jo is always up for fun new activities and she loves nothing more than to go paddle boarding on a sunny day at her local beach in Worthing with her husband Andy and their 2 young children.